Key Personnel

September Myres

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

September Myres founded Sundance Consulting in 2005 and has strategically grown Sundance from a single employee to over 50 employees today. Prior to forming Sundance, Ms. Myres worked in the Environmental Services and Consulting arena for more than 19 years. Her functional experiences range from individual consulting on over 110 Site Investigation Reports for NALEMP, to conducting on-site investigations on a variety of Native American Reservations and Alaska Native lands under the same program. Ms. Myres also has significant experience working directly with Native American Tribes and Alaska Native Villages to assist them with developing Performance Work Statements, Strategic Project Implementation Plans, Community Relations Plans, and Technical Training and Mentoring Programs. Prior to starting Sundance Consulting, Ms. Myres held positions as Senior Consultant and Program Manager for Keres Consulting, Tecumseh Professional, EG&G Technical Services, Minert and Associates, Correa Enterprises, and the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. Ms. Myres has assembled a team of professional consultants and managers who continue the Sundance Consulting tradition of providing exceptional value in Program and Project Management and Consulting.

Due to her success as the Program Manager for the NALEMP projects with the New Mexico Pueblos, the Alaskan Native Villages and the USACE, Ms. Myres has been able to expand Sundance’s service offerings into additional environmental remediation and environmental consulting services. Under Ms. Myres’ leadership, Sundance has successfully expanded into Natural and Cultural Resources with several US Forest Service and BLM projects. She has also provided public relations support and records management for several USACE projects.

Ms. Myres has a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Training and Development and Corporate Training and Development.

Chuck Broom

Vice President- USACE Operations

Charles Broom joined Sundance in July 2016, as a Senior Project Manager for DOE Programs. Mr. Broom brings to Sundance over 36 years of project management and operations experience. Mr. Broom has a long history of leading energy and environmental projects that deliver results in nuclear construction, environmental remediation/restoration, facility decontamination and demolition, waste packaging and disposal, environmental monitoring, and project controls.

Prior to coming to Sundance, Mr. Broom was the Operations Manager of the Northwind Group office in Las Alamos, New Mexico, Deputy Director – Research Programs for Florida International University’s Applied Research Center (HCET), Vice President for ICF Consulting, Director for MAC Technical Services contracts supporting DOE’s Chicago Operations Office, Denver Regional Office Manager for Rust Geotech, Westinghouse Hanford Manager for the Shippingport Atomic Power Station Decommissioning and Demolition Project, and Group Manager for Construction Project Management at the Hanford Reservation for UNC Nuclear Industries.

Mr. Broom served in the United States Marine Corps, advising Korean Marine Corps combat units in Vietnam.

Dan Garvin

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Garvin has been with Sundance Consulting since December of 2011 and has been with the company for much of its growth and transition to its current position. Mr. Garvin has nearly 15 years of experience in accounting, financial management, and general business management. Previously Mr. Garvin held the position of Plant Controller at a manufacturing facility for large power transformers where he was responsible for accounting, project cost and analysis, and contracts review among other various duties. He also worked for multiple years in the commercial construction industry as a financial and business manager where he was responsible for much of the business management including accounting, human resources, costing, and estimating.

Mr. Garvin’s professional experience has been with small to mid-size privately held corporations where his duties and responsibilities have been wide ranging. Therefore, he has experience with nearly every aspect of financial management and general business management. This experience and his problem solving capabilities have been well suited for his position with Sundance Consulting.

Mr. Garvin has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.

Michelle Havens

Manager – Human Resources

Michelle Havens, Human Resources Manager, joined Sundance in October 2016. Ms. Havens has worked in the field of human resources since 2003 in a variety of industries including Steamboat Ski & Resort, TIC – The Industrial Construction Company, Colorado State University, and most recently the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Her positions have been similarly varied and include working as a generalist, employee relations manager, and as an investigator. She brings to Sundance expertise in employee relations, employment law, benefits administration, and compensation.

Ms. Havens has a BA in Psychology and holds the certifications of Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and the Society for Human Resources Management – Senior Certified Human Resources Professional (SHRM-SCP).

John Consoletti

Sr. Program Manager

John Consoletti joined Sundance in July 2017, as a Senior Program Manager. Mr. Consoletti has over
24 years of domestic and international Program/Project and Operational Management experience in civil, environmental, construction, and pipeline engineering-related projects for private and government clients. Projects include environmental site characterization; remedial investigation, design, and action; litigation support; storm water control design and spill prevention; construction; and, environmental compliance and permitting, including NEPA/CEQA permitting.

Mr. Consoletti has extensive experience as a Program/Project manager for multiple Federal
Government and private-sector clients in all phases of remedial investigation and cleanup, has managed international project teams completing investigations in Europe and Asia, and overseen UXO investigation/removal for multiple sites. His prior roles include Corporate Remediation Program Manager for Raytheon Company, Deputy Program Manager for Installation Restoration Program at Vandenberg Air Force Base, and Program Director for ERM.

Mr. Consoletti is a licensed Professional Engineer with a BS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech
and hold the certification of Project Management Professional.